Nuna 12

Experience the new solar car of the Brunel Solar Team in 3D and discover the cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary advancements.



Nuna 12 runs on a revolutionary battery. Using pouch cells and 'Silicon Nano Wires', the solar car has the highest capacity ever. For the first time since 2009, a solar car from Delft is again running on these pouch cells.

This revolutionary technology has made the battery more than 50% more energy dense than the previous solar car. But a few solar teams dared to take the plunge, as using these battery cells has led to a difficult manufacturing process. but after many iterations a battery pack was made, ready for the world solar challenge in Australia.

Solar panel

The solar panel is revolutionary for Nuna. By using half cut cells and laying them partly on top of each other, the highest possible energy density per square meter can be achieved. Also, the cells consist of multiple materials and layers. This allows even better use of the total light spectrum and more energy to be extracted from sunlight.

The solar panel uses unique back sheets and top sheets. This allows the light to reflect into the panel. Leading to even more energy!

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The wrap has been developed with AI. The team used a tool that converts text into realistic images to form the basis of the wrap. The orange shows Dutch pride and the lion the strength of the team. The astronaut represents Wubbo Ockels, the first team coach, who took the team to the next level. The sand reflects Australia and the adventure of the World Solar Challenge.


Because of the compact shape of the car, bigger steps were made for the suspension. The way the wheels, dampers and brakes are attached to the car is very unique in Nuna 12. The connection between the wheel and the car, the suspension, has the lowest weight in a Nuna ever. Due to an optimised shape and force distribution, Nuna 12 has these unique features.

The design of the mechanical parts took into account the precise race in Australia. The entire race and all steering angles were simulated to arrive at the perfect adjustment of the parts.


Nuna 12 is an asymmetrical catamaran. This aerodynamic car experiences the same air resistance as the side mirror of a normal car.

Two-thirds of the total drag experienced by Nuna during the race is aerodynamic drag. Thousands of calculations are done to find the optimal shape.


Nuna 12 — Car reveal